TERRA 6015 170Kv Specifications


Kv (Motor Velocity Constant) 170 RPM/V
Voltage Range 44V to 52V (12S LiHV)
Kt (Motor Torque Constant) 0.0556Nm/A
Km (Motor Constant)
Maximum Continuous Current* 50A (180 s)
Maximum Continuous Power* 2200W (180 s)
Rm (Winding Resistance)
Stator Poles 24S
Magnetic Poles 28P
Bearings Dual, 6000-2RSL
Stator Class 0.2mm Japaneese Steel
Mount Pattern @ 90°

4XM4 ф30mm, Depth 5mm

4XM4 ф40mm, Depth 5mm

4XM4 ф50mm, Depth 5mm

Step Shaft (Core Shaft) Diameter
ф14X2mm 6X10 (
ф10mm (Internal))
Propeller Mount Pattern
6XM3 ф54mm, Depth 5.5mm
Motor Diameter
Motor Length 35.7 mm
Motor Weight 395g (420 g with Wires)
Propeller Blade Size Compatible - 22" to 24" Recommended - 23"
Motor Advance Timing 15° - 30° (Programmable)
Motor Drive Frequency 08 - 20 kHz

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