NEPTUNE 8020 100Kv Specifications


kV (Motor Velocity Constant)

100 RPM/V

Kt (Motor Torque Constant)


Motor Weight

700 grams

Km (Motor Constant)

0.282 Nm/√(W)

Voltage Range

44V to 52V (12S LiPo)

IP Rating


Io (@52V)

2.0 A

Maximum Continuous Current*

80 A (180 s)

Inductance (Winding Inductance)


Maximum Continuous Power*

2528 W (180 s)

Rph (Wind Resistance per phase)

0.11 Ω


36S 42P

Stator Class

8120, 0.2 mm Japanese Steel


Dual, 6001-2RSL

Motor Advance Timing

15° - 30° (Programmable)

Motor Mount Pattern

4XM4@ Ø 51

Motor Drive Frequency

8 - 20KHz

Step Shaft Diameter

Ø 18mm

Shaft Diameter

ф10 mm (ф12 mm Internal)

Step Shaft Length


Shaft Length

9.8 mm

Motor Diameter

Ø 89.4 mm

Propeller Mount Pattern

4xM4 ø23mm ↧5mm
4xM3 ø20mm ↧5mm

Motor Length

26 mm

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